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Latricia is a wife, mother, and GiGi from rural Carolina, who has always had a passion for fashion.  She has long been donned a Fashionista; receiving Best-Dressed superlative honors in both High School and College. Studying Business, and Fashion and Retail Management sparked, even more so, her love of clothing and desire for her own business.  

Latricia believes in the power of “writing your vision and making it plain”. So, over 18 years ago, while caring for her incapacitated and paralyzed mother, she named her business, and established and perfected her Business Plan. Thence, was the conception of what is now, Elegant Occasions Unlimited, LLC, the World’s first and only mobile formal wear boutique that she began with her husband.  Latricia sits at the helm as Chief Executive Officer of their now SWaM Certified enterprise. They recently expanded to laChri Fine Jewelers, where her husband is a GIA Certified Diamantaire and Chief Executive Manager; and laChri Fine Apparel, that offers custom-order wear onsite.  All entities are also housed in a Brick-and-Mortar storefront accepting clients By Appointment Only.  She also personal styles a nationwide celebrity (who is local) and is available to other clients on demand. 

Latricia Clark Letsinger

Christopher is a husband, father, bonus-father and PaPa, who hails from New York City. A High School dropout at 16; he went back to fast-track and graduate in one year, instead of two.  He enlisted in the U. S. Army immediately after High School and served as an officer his last 15 years, of 25.


Christopher retired as a Captain, Contracting Officer. He utilizes his 25 years of experience and expertise as a Government Contracting Consultant in the civilian sector, where he teaches small business owners the nuts and bolts of doing business with the government.  


He also previously managed his own Motorcycle customs business. Christopher's current role as a certified Diamantaire and Jeweler is Chief Executive Manager of laChri Fine Jewelers and holds one-on-one consultations, By Appointment Only, with elite clientele for the brand.  laChri Fine Jewelers is also positioning the rollout of its Franchising Model to be available soon.

Christopher Letsinger

Devin Jiwan Funderburk is a constant staple and support as our Media and Finance Manager.  bka, "Handz", he's a recording artist, born and raised in Pageland, SC; but has affiliation with various locations in North Carolina, including the Charlotte, NC area, & also the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. Handz got his name in high school while playing football & other sports, but the name stuck with him & he became affectionately known by that name wherever he went. A collegiate football athlete & graduate (BS in Mathematics) from Wingate University (NC), Handz has been creating music with his intelligent lyrics since 2006. His progression & growth has shown, as starting out as a very secular artist, he now creates music for God, inspirational music, love music, & music about his life & life experiences, that are brought about in very creative ways. Handz is the creator of Generational Mindset Music & Entertainment® (GMM&E), where the motto is "Change Your Mind; Change Your Life!". He believes he has gone through all of his experiences to put them into his music, so his listeners are able to see where he comes from, and also his listeners would be inspired by his music. Handz quotes, "I want my music to change the world! I believe God has given me a gift, and I want to use this gift to change lives. I want my listeners to write me, see me in person, etc., and tell me, because of your music and your transparency, I didn't give up! That would be a great feeling, & I know with that, I would be fulfilling my purpose on this earth."  Devin loves spending time with his wife and newborn son as much as possible.

Devin Funderburk


Rachel Saint-Phard


Rachel Saint-Phard wears many hats in the Elegant Occasions Unlimited group of businesses.  She is Virtual Office Manager, Social Media Marketer, and our Remote Training/Supervisor. She's a proud California native with an extensive professional background in law enforcement, forensic treatment, and customer service excellence, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Rachel has almost 20 years of professional work experience and is a firm believer in providing five-star service in every capacity. Rachel enjoys traveling with her husband and holding the self-proclaimed title of being the ultimate foodie. Her love of travel led her to starting her own travel agency, Vacay with Rae.

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