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Latricia and Christopher, who are, technically, still newlyweds, began Elegant Occasions Unlimited in North Carolina in 2016 after seeing a mobile boutique from California in a parking lot.  


The boutique was a moving billboard in the form of a beautifully wrapped RV. Side Note: Christopher had brought his newly purchased RV, his retirement gift to himself, into the relationship.  Latricia and Christopher looked at each other at the sight of the mobile boutique, and seemingly, a light-bulb moment culminated into an instant leaping.


The ideal brick-and-mortar Latricia had been pursuing, cost a whopping $4300 per month, lease alone.  The Bridal Industry caters to Brick-and-Mortar for inventory minimums, so the best means they had for capital at the time was a Small Business Loan. They did not want to be over their heads with overhead costs.


In the RV, they had no building or utility fees to pay, nor did they have to payback a small business loan while striving to build their business.  Elegant Occasions Unlimited, being the first in the World to offer full-service, formal wear concierge service, broke through many industry barriers to get to where they are.


Today, in the Hampton Roads Virginia area, they are now thriving as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with new subsidiaries, laChri Fine Jewelers and laChri Fine Apparel. They've expanded into a storefront By Appointment Only. They are a SWaM Certified business.  The Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) certification program is a state program of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose is to enhance procurement opportunities for SWaM businesses participating in state-funded projects.

Latricia and Chris

Latricia is a wife, mother, and GiGi from rural Carolina, who has always had a passion for fashion.  She has long been donned a Fashionista; receiving Best-Dressed superlative honors in both High School and College. Studying Business, and Fashion and Retail Management sparked, even more so, her love of clothing and her desire for her own business.  


Latricia believes in the power of “writing your vision and making it plain”. So, over 10 years ago, while caring for her incapacitated and paralyzed mother, she named her business, and established and perfected her Business Plan. Thence, was the conception of what is now Elegant Occasions Unlimited, LLC, the World’s First and Only MOBILE formal wear boutique, with Latricia at the helm as, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Latricia Clark Letsinger

Christopher is a husband, father, and PaPa who hails from New York City. A High School dropout at 16; he went back to fast-track and graduate in one year, instead of two.  He enlisted in the U. S. Army immediately after High School and served as an officer his last 15 years, of 25.


Christopher retired as a Captain, Contracting Officer. He utilizes his 25 years of experience and expertise as a Government Contracting Consultant in the civilian sector, where he teaches Small Businesses the nuts and bolts of doing business with the Government.  


He also previously managed his own Motorcycle customs business. So, Christopher brings decades of structural and financial discipline to his role as President & Chief Financial Officer.

Christopher Letsinger


:The Boutique

When we say we'll come to you, we mean it!

We literally began as a boutique on wheels!  


Our 40 foot, class A RV provides the feel and elegance of a brick and mortar store with an added touch of intimacy and convenience you won't find anywhere else!


Our mission is to make the process of shopping for every elegant occasion in your life as comfortable and convenient as possible.


Keeping in line with our mission, we have expanded into a storefront in Virginia Beach, VA where we accept clients By Appointment Only.  You will still get the same one-on-one attention, in-house with no competition.


We are honored to serve all of the Hampton Roads Beltway: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton as well as North Carolina and South Carolina.

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